Located on the island of Fårö, the Bergman Center is a cultural center that focuses on the life and artistic achievements of legendary Swedish director and writer Ingmar Bergman.

At Bergmancenter we have several exhibitions that will take you on a journey through Ingmar Bergman’s work and life on Fårö.

Our renowned permanent exhibition Ingmar Bergman’s Filmic Landscape takes you on a journey through Bergman’s rare and special connection with Fårö, spaning over 40 years of his life and work on the island.

For the 2017 season Bergmancenter have two exhibitions about two of Ingmar Bergman’s most iconic films.

Behind the Mask – 50 years of Persona. An aura of perplexity and awe has surrounded Persona since its release 50 years ago, and no other Bergman film continues to generate such extensive critical and academic attention. Bergmancenter’s exhibition is a celebration of Persona, and an invitation to a journey through Ingmar Bergman’s most daring and enigmatic work.

Death and the Knight. The exhibition is a visual journey into The Seventh Seal, Ingmar Bergman’s most referred to and parodied work. At the center of the exhibition is a reproduction of the chess set created by set designer PA Lundgren for the film. A newly created video installation projected in a chessboard shaped screen highlights the film’s impressive cinematography by Gunnar Fischer and the powerful soundtrack.


Here you can enjoy a warm meal, but also good coffee and cakes in a beautiful surrounding. We are open whenever Bergmancenter is!


May 5th through May 31st – Thursday to Sunday, 12pm–4pm

June 1st through September 3rd – Everyday, 10am-4pm

September 3rd through 18th –  Thursday to Sunday, 12pm–4pm


Every year in June Bergmancenter organizes a festival called “The Bergman Week.” For a week, Fårö is filled with screenings, performances and lectures related to Bergman’s work as well as the impact of his legacy in modern artists. Activities are both in English and Swedish, and we have guests from all over the world.

The Bergman Week 2016 took place on June 27 through July 3 and you can see the full program  here.

The Bergman Week 2017 took place from June 26 through July 2, 2017. Bergmancenter would like to thank all our guests and visitors for a wonderful week. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year!


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